Deadline & Requirements

Deadlines for secondary/high school diploma cohort in 2022-2023

You can always take a course or two anytime without seeking admission. These deadlines are only applicable for students committing full-time to UColl.

Where a deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the effective deadline will be the following business day.

Application for admissionAug 15, 2022
Deadline to submit Supporting DocumentsAug 20, 2022
Financial Aid AppointmentAug 25, 2022
Financial Aid Document Verification15 days from acceptance date

Admission review process

Union Collegiate has NO minimum entry requirement. However, students are recommended to finish 8th grade or equivalent prior to their application for the Secondary/High School Diploma program.

Supporting documentation

1) Academic documents – All academic documents must be emailed to us. 

Copy of all official transcripts.

School results/progress reports.

2) Proof of English Proficiency

Students are recommended to take the free EFSET English proficiency test and score at least 50 (CEFR B1) for ESL; English as a second language waiver.

Students can take the test anytime from home by visiting

3) Additional supporting documents

Should you require any financial assistance please schedule an appointment with our admission’s office by the indicate deadline.

Factors that are NOT considered in the admission review:

– Interviews, extracurricular activities and additional documents (such as recommendation letters, personal statements and portfolios) are not considered in the admission review and should not be submitted.  Some exceptions do apply, please consult Union Collegiate directly.

– Legacy information – some institutions have legacy programs that give special admission consideration to relatives of graduates; UColl does not have a legacy admission program.

– Socio-economic status – UColl admits to students from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Admissions Department manages all aspects of the application and enrolment process for diploma-seeking students, including fee payments. It also ensures that Union Collegiate will uphold the statutory rights of students, parents and guardians, and meet its own legal and regulatory obligations as a Private Educational Institution.