How We Work

Union Collegiate is a consortium of college-prep secondary schools offering quality education and academic services to students all over the world.

The Schools:

The Schools at Union Collegiate are independent international institutions for academically motivated students in grades 9-12.

Mission Statement:

Union Collegiate is a platform for the global learning community of diverse, intellectually passionate pupils and preceptors. UColl aims to make quality education accessible and affordable for the global community.


To earn an accredited diploma that prepares one for college, students must earn a minimum of 200 credit hours (20 units) with courses assigned by the enrollment coach. Graduation requirements are based on state accreditation requirements. 

Accreditation & Approvals

Union Collegiate works with multiple academic partners in order to ensure its students have access to accredited, affordable, quality and reputable academic programs and credentials. Current partnerships include accredited high schools, universities and university-based institutions in Indiana, Nebraska, Texas and Arizona.

How Courses Work

Courses can be taken online from anywhere in the world or in-person at our designated learning institutions. Online courses have both synchronous and asynchronous options, allowing students to complete them in as few as 5 weeks or as many as 52 weeks.

Students may enroll at any time during the year.

How Programs Work

Students can choose from a wide range of programs following globally renowned international curricula. Students and parents meet with an enrollment coach to discuss their academic and career goals in the beginning of their academic journey at UColl. Following the initial consultation, students are provided with individual resources to complete an accredited program and receive a universally accepted credential.

All students graduate with an accredited High School Diploma from a reputed University based partner institution.

Enrollment Coach

Enrollment coaches at UColl work with students, parents and schools to provide support while students earn their high school diplomas and transition into college.

Students work with Enrollment Coaches to design the appropriate program of study for their needs.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for everyone and awarded to students based on financial need. UColl intends to meet up to 90% of a student’s demonstrated need.

Dual Credit:

Most of the courses offered at UColl are designed by award-winning faculties at reputed postsecondary institutions and are eligible for college credit. While this is optional, students can apply for post-secondary transcripts for eligible courses in order to gain transfer credits at college/university. Courses are supervised by regionally accredited institutions. Regional accreditation is considered the gold standard in formal education.