The Collegiate

Union Collegiate stands as a distinguished collective of college-prep secondary institutions. We pride ourselves on being an active, international educational community dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence. Our mission is to deliver an education of the highest quality that remains accessible and economical, catering to the needs of intellectually driven students across the globe.

Our Mission

Empowering Minds: We believe in nurturing curious minds, encouraging critical thinking, and fostering a love for lifelong learning.

Transforming Futures: Union Collegiate serves as a platform for students to explore their potential, discover their passions, and prepare for college and beyond.

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The Schools

Our schools are steadfast in their commitment to fostering the educational ambitions of students from grades 8 through 12. As a collective of globally connected institutions, our pledge is to nurture an inclusive, culturally diverse environment. Here, pupils and preceptors collaborate seamlessly to build a foundation for prosperous futures.

Our Diploma

To earn an accredited diploma that prepares one for college, students must accumulate a minimum of 200 credit hours (equivalent to 20 units). Our enrollment coaches are available to guide students through a personalized course selection process, ensuring everyone meets state accreditation requirements regardless of their choice of study.

Accreditation & Approvals

Union Collegiate collaborates with esteemed academic partners to provide our students with accredited, reputable programs and credentials. Our current partnerships span high schools, universities and university-based institutions across Alberta, Arizona, Indiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and more.

Graduation and Beyond

All Union Collegiate students graduate with an accredited High School Diploma from one of our reputed university-based partner institutions. A credential that opens doors to a world of opportunities.

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